Home Phone Plans – A phone solution worth reviewing again

Home Phone Plans – A phone solution worth reviewing again


As technology evolves, people have increasingly been feeling the itch to move away from having a home phone to using only cell phones. This trend doesn’t necessarily indicate that cell phones are superior to home phones in the home environment. Many people believe that by eliminating a home phone it eliminates an unnecessary cost. However, considerations such as who uses your home phone, what it’s currently being used for, how much long distance you use and cellular coverage in your residential area are factors to consider when weighing the options of whether a home phone would be advantageous to you.

With that in mind, don’t count home phones out just yet. Here’s a few points as to why home phones still beat out cell phones in the home environment;

  1. The clarity you get with a home phone is almost always better than a cell phone. Cell phone reception is often only as good as the place it is being used. When a cell is used in a basement and behind concrete walls the reception can drop significantly, which means you may have to call back or move to a new location to make the call. This makes cell phones unreliable in some circumstances, essentially making them unavailable or unreachable.
  2. Most small children do not have a cell phone of their own, but they can learn basic phone etiquette under the supervision of a parent with a home phone. They can also learn to call 911 if a parent needs assistance. It is easier for a child to find a home phone than a parent’s cell in an emergency.
  3. The new home phones are portable and can be used throughout every room in your house. Gone are the days of sitting in a chair and chatting while on the phone, as multi-tasking is definitely the way of the world.
  4. Your home phone line number can remain the same when transferring to a new phone provider.  Often cell phone numbers change due to business packages or new phone providers. Keeping the same number can help you stay in touch.
  5. Your long distance usage habits can significantly have an impact on your phone bill. Typical cell phone long distance rates vary between $0.10-$0.35/min in North America whereas with a landline you’ll likely pay only $0.02-$0.10/min. The cost savings only increase when you look at the big difference between international long distance rates. If you’re a heavy long distance user, home phones definitely beat out cell phones regarding price and call quality.

As you can see, there are still many instances where a home phone is a better phone solution than a cell phone in a home environment. Home phones in a home phone environment still have their merits and should be considered. In a world where so many technical solutions have become so complicated, sometimes the tried and tested solution still prevails.

Take a look and see if a home phone can benefit you.

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